A community meeting organized by the Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Feedback Programme
University of Leeds, 10-11 January 2017 (Tue/Wed)

This community meeting aims to get feedback from the GHG research community on priorities for future capabilities. The main outcome of the meeting and subsequent dialogue will be a strategy for future GHG research and monitoring in the UK.

It is primarily aimed at the UK GHG research community within the GHG Programme, ICOS and related projects, and key research centres. Places are limited to 100, and we aim to have a fair representation of all relevant groups, so please coordinate attendance with colleagues at your institution.

We expect to start at 11.00 on Tue., 10. Jan., and finish at 14.00 on Wed., 11. Jan., with opportunities for informal discussions to continue into the afternoon.

For more details, see the meeting page.


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