The Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Feedback Programme is organising a 'Greenhouse Gas Townhall Meeting' at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton on 7th-8th January 2015.

Greenhouse gas research is a key priority in Environmental Sciences and one which the NERC responded to by sponsoring the Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Feedback research programme, which is now well underway. We believe that the issues associated with greenhouse gases, and the associated imperative for ongoing research into their production, transport and fate in the environment, will outlast the current research programme.

We therefore organise this meeting for the community to exchange ideas and identify concrete key needs for future greenhouse gas research in the UK, and to explore opportunities and developments in related national and international activities like ICOS.

The meeting will combine open science sessions with networking, workshops and breakout discussions as first steps towards developing community documents that can be submitted to the NERC SPAG and other relevant agencies.


The presentations, results and meeting notes are now available on our website.